Live your best lab life

Live your best lab life


We’re delighted to announce that Manbré Wharf is embarking on a new journey, with a new name, new developments and is joining a network of over 250 science and tech organisations.

From today, Manbré Wharf will officially be known as ARC West London. You will notice a new website, social media channels, new signage, as well as an updated app, where you can find out about the exciting events happening right here on the banks of the River Thames.

At ARC we’re passionate about creating communities, brining people and organisations together, to create an ecosystem that stimulates innovation, helps accelerate growth for our members.

We recently introduced Motherlabs, our first accelerator space, right here at ARC West London and we have already warmly welcomed three new members, Sania, Epsilogen and Genincode. Research has shown that start-ups are an important driver of job creation, productivity and innovation, leading to ideas being brought to life.  You may have spotted our new lab manager Ashlie, don’t forget to say hi if you see her in the Waterfront building.