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Building a better future for innovation

  • Europe’s leading network of science and innovation clusters 
  • Home to over 300 leading science and innovation companies 
  • 7 million sq ft of innovation

Welcome to Advanced Research Clusters – a new network of science and innovation clusters at the leading edge of major knowledge economies like Oxford and London.

Our vision is to create a leading world network of science and innovation clusters. If innovation is about a better future, we must first build a better future for innovation.

We have built ARC to be different. A genuine partner, supporting science and innovation businesses to thrive. Being part of ARC provides: 

Science-ready spaces

Offices, coworking, cleanrooms and accelerator labs alongside R&D facilities — discover flexible science-ready spaces you’re excited to work in that are close to key cities, universities and centres of medical excellence. There’s also the option to upsize as your business grows, with 5 million sq ft of brand new space in the pipeline across the portfolio. 

Network and community

Feel part of something greater, with broader, faster knowledge sharing facilitated by dedicated cluster and community managers. This increases productivity and drives the direction and pace of innovation within a growing network that will one day be worldwide. Talks, summits, exhibitions and other engaging events continue to grow the experience of working at ARC. 

Mentorship and experience

Learn to optimise your business from an active partner landlord that genuinely supports as well as provides space. We’re closing the commercial knowledge gap through mentorship which includes surgeries, talks and bespoke leadership training schemes from leading providers so you can focus on life-changing work. By providing energising environments and wellbeing initiatives, we create places your talent can thrive in. 

Online on social media, on page in our newspaper, and over the airwaves in our series of podcasts, you can use ARC as a platform for promoting your business and the incredible work you do. Raising your profile helps you attract more funding and court the talent you need to succeed commercially

Platform for profile

Investing in the next generation

We believe partnership can empower the next generation of innovation. Our membership of the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CASE) and partnership with the Institute of Imagination (IOI) put us at the heart of the conversation around what science needs, and the frontline of the action needed to safeguard the future of STEM. We’re also launching ARC Future Innovator Bursaries for women students from low-income households within cities we have a presence, actively investing in the science communities we’re proud to be part of. You can proudly say you’re part of this too. 


Each ARC site, beginning with West London this summer, will be home to unique accelerator and incubator labs Motherlabs. Whether you’re starting up or have another new idea the world needs, find the right flexible science-ready lab space for your business.