12th Dec 2023 | 18:00PM – 20:00PM

Festive Drinks Reception

ARC Uxbridge
Join us on the 12th December to celebrate a great year. We’re bringing together our community for an evening of delightful drinks, nibbles and good company while enjoying exclusive screening from the Royal Institution. In the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURES, Mike Wooldridge will tackle the most important and rapidly evolving field of science today – Artificial […]
25th Jan 2024 | 12:30PM – 13:30PM

Get involved: change your Climate Habits

Online event
As part of our Change+ events season this January, we’re inviting you to take part in a new programme called Climate Habits. If you want to make your lifestyle more sustainable but aren’t sure where to start, this new, 3-week programme offers practical, achievable, evidence-based support. What is Climate Habits? It’s a 3-week programme for […]