Mobile cancer care unit, funded by Bristol Myers-Squibb, launched at ARC Uxbridge

To support cancer patients and help tackle the backlog caused by the pandemic, ARC Uxbridge member Bristol Myers-Squib has donated £700,000 to the charity Hope for Tomorrow which delivers patient care from a fleet of mobile cancer units.

ARC Uxbridge was visited by the new unit – named Jewel in recognition of researcher Jewel Plumber Cobb PhD, who advanced the understanding of skin cancer and spearheaded the advancement of women and minorities in STEM by BMS employee Sophie Elkins – in May

Scott Cooke, General Manager of UK and Ireland at BMS, said: “We’re really proud to have supported Hope for Tomorrow by providing them with this funding because we recognise how vital the mobile units are in delivering cancer treatment to areas that need it most. BMS remains dedicated to supporting the NHS in its COVID-19 recovery, and these two mobile care units will make a real difference to thousands of people’s lives.” To find out more see