Creating a Scientific Superpower

How can the UK leverage it’s amazing research and development sector?

To explore this issue in depth, ARC supported the “Creating a Scientific Superpower” conference yesterday which focused on key opportunities to maximise the impact of science and innovation.

The event, hosted by EG and Bidwells, brought together esteemed professionals, industry leaders, and visionaries to discuss the future of innovation and the vital steps required to establish Britain as a global leader in scientific advancements. In this blog post, we will delve into the key takeaways from the event, emphasizing the importance of accelerating innovation, supporting startups and scale-ups, leveraging Britain’s golden triangle, fostering skills and talent, building dynamic campuses, investing in infrastructure hubs, and prioritizing sustainability.

With the many panels and keynotes, here are 8 takeaways from the event that we believe will instil the UK into a bigger and better scientific superpower than it is today.

Accelerating Innovation for Economic Growth

The event emphasized that accelerating innovation is not just essential for technological advancement but also plays a key role in securing our economic future. By prioritizing innovation across sectors, we can drive economic growth, enhance competitiveness, and increase productivity, ensuring long-term prosperity.

Supporting Startups and Scale-ups

To foster innovation, it is crucial to support startups and scale-ups. The event underscored the need for increased funding and provision of physical space to nurture these enterprises. By offering financial resources and creating a conducive environment, we can empower startups and scale-ups to thrive, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries and economic stimulation. At ARC, we are proud to have members of all shapes and sizes across our campus’ from large commercial companies such as Moderna, to university spins outs like Ivy Farm, we provide the foundations and support for organisations of all sizes to grow and provide start ups and scale ups with the support and space for growth and make those vital first steps into becoming a successful business.

Leveraging Britain’s Golden Triangle

Britain’s golden triangle, comprising Cambridge, Oxford, and London, presents a unique advantage. The event highlighted the importance of fully utilizing this concentrated hub of academic institutions, research centres, and industry ecosystems. However, to maximize its potential, improving connectivity within the golden triangle is imperative. Our campus’ based in and around the Golden Triangle, including Harwell, ARC Oxford, ARC Uxbridge and ARC West London, harbour this approach of focusing on this incredibly unique ecosystem we have in the UK, utilising the invaluable connections and opportunities this creates for all of our members.

Skills and Talent as Attractive Factors

The availability of skilled talent plays a crucial role in companies’ location choices. The event emphasized that being part of the golden triangle is highly attractive to both employers and employees due to the abundant pool of talented individuals from all over the world. Not only does the name of renowned companies act as a pull to worldwide talent, but knowing that they’ll be in a network of world-class organisations where they can grow and expand their career in the future, all while being in the same physical location is a huge benefit.

Dynamic Campuses: A Catalyst for Innovation

A campus goes beyond physical infrastructure; it encompasses community, space, networking, and collaboration. The event highlighted that campuses provide an environment where chance encounters can lead to groundbreaking ideas and where individuals feel part of something greater. Creating such spaces fosters innovation and propels scientific advancements.

Building Infrastructure Hubs for Science and Innovation

To establish and sustain a scientific superpower, it is essential to develop and expand infrastructure hubs dedicated to science and innovation. The event stressed the need for ongoing investment in research and development facilities, laboratories, and advanced technology centres. These hubs will serve as catalysts for groundbreaking discoveries across the country.

Investing in Lab Space and Beyond

While investment in lab space within the golden triangle is crucial, the event emphasized the need to extend this support to other regions of the country. By investing in lab spaces and innovation hubs outside the triangle, we can ensure a balanced and inclusive approach, fostering collaboration and innovation nationwide.

Prioritizing Sustainable Spaces for Long-Term Growth

The event highlighted the importance of sustainability in creating spaces that cater to the needs of both current and future generations. The master plan for scientific hubs should accommodate growth, allowing for the seamless integration of second and third-generation tenants. Prioritizing sustainability ensures long-term viability and environmental responsibility.

Creating a Scientific Superpower provided valuable insights into the journey of building Britain as a scientific superpower. Accelerating innovation, supporting startups and scale-ups, leveraging the golden triangle, fostering skills and talent, building dynamic campuses, investing in infrastructure hubs, and prioritizing sustainability are all integral to this pursuit.

By embracing these key takeaways and fostering collaboration, we can position Britain at the forefront of scientific advancements, driving economic growth, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

At ARC, we are proud to be driving innovation in all of our 4 clusters, providing organisations with the vital support, space and foundations to thrive, grow and succeed. For more information on how to join Europe’s leading innovation network, click here.

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