ARC Cup Challenge

The 2024 ARC cup-challenge is back for another year.

The challenge is designed to heighten connectivity in our community!

Companies as teams of 6-8 people spend two afternoons competing in fun and accessible intellectual and physical based missions on campus.

This is your chance to showcase your team’s skills and talents as you compete against companies across the campus. Taking place over two afternoons in July, the first afternoon will be held in your office at a time that suits your team, while the second afternoon will be a more physically timed activity at a single location on campus.

To participate, you need your team to come up with a team name and email it to

The team that earns the most points will be crowned the winner of the Cluster Cup, so make sure to bring your A-game! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to network and build team spirit.

Sign your team up today for the cup-challenge! Dates for the challenge are as follows:

12th June – we will post a challenge that you need to complete within a specific period of time on that afternoon with cut off at around 5.30pm. This will be in your office and you will post your results on social media.

26th June – is the ‘final’. This will be an event that will take place on campus for a couple of hours and all the teams will compete against one another to take home the coveted cup.

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