Leadership Training

Training programme

Apply for ARC’s new leadership in innovation scale-ups coaching programme in partnership with Horizon 37, beginning March ’23.

The Transform Together programme has been designed to support CEOs and Executives of innovation scale-ups to fulfil and achieve their mission. The 6-month programme brings 10-15 leaders from innovation companies together with experienced coaches to develop and enhance their approach to leadership. The programme is run by Horizon 37 and has been used by leading companies across the UK and ARC Members can apply for a subsidised place.

The time commitment is six workshops and 3 in person at ARC and Harwell offices and 3 online. A dedicated community manager, networking opportunities with special guests and a end of course dinner.
ARC pays 50% of the cost for participants.

“The most valuable outcome from coaching is being equipped to lead all our people to drive our scale-up”

Tom Mason, CEO, Bramble Energy


The programme could be for you if you are:

– Highly ambitious, and your business has a huge potential to grow in the next 12 months.

– Your leadership could make or break your business performance.

– You value leadership and want to be good at it.

– You want to do leadership “your way”, rather than a cookie-cutter.


“Game-changing. High quality content that challenges my thinking”

Matthew Carr, CEO, Luffy AI