The UK’s leading science and innovation campus

Location: Oxfordshire 

Size: 484,000 sq ft over 700 acres 

Number of businesses: >220

Future: 88,764 sq ft currently under development, with a further 3,000,000 sq ft in the pipeline

Find out more: www.harwellcampus.com


About Harwell

The UK’s leading science and innovation campus – home to world-leading open access facilities like the Diamond Light Source national synchrotron, the National Quantum Computing Centre and the Rosalind Franklin Institute. Harwell has an extraordinary 75-year story studded with golden moments of globally significant innovation, from pioneering the lithium battery to underpinning the nation’s Covid-19 vaccine response.


Harwell has one of the most ambitious campus development plans in the world. We’re making room for thousands more people to join us in a 21st century science and innovation community with cutting edge workplace, new labs and world-leading facilities. We are planning to add 1.5m sq ft of commercial space, new homes, hotel and amenities by 2027.

The campus is unique collaboration between government, academia and industry working to accelerate the rate of global innovation. ARC works in a joint venture with the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the UK Atomic Energy Authority to support and develop the campus.


the science of collaboration

By concentrating scientific organisations from related fields in one place, Harwell has created powerful multidisciplinary innovation clusters. Harwell’s open access national science facilities let companies take on larger global contracts, while the diversity of opportunities inspires career confidence and therefore a huge, readily available talent pool for companies to tap into.

Harwell’s space cluster alone numbers 100+ organisations orbiting cornerstones such as the European Space Agency and the new National Satellite Test Facility.