The ARC effect

ARC’s approach to managing open innovation clusters is based on building collaboration and fostering creativity. If innovation is about a better future, we believe we must first create a better future for innovation.

Our place-based clusters concentrate innovation while remaining part of wider ecosystems that include universities like Oxford, hospitals like Chelsea and Westminster, and even city-size knowledge economies like London.

Today, there are over 250 leading science and innovation organisations in our growing network. Our vision is to create a world network of clusters that will one day become the largest and most powerful commercial innovation community on the planet.

Our clusters

Today, we have 4 clusters in Oxford, Harwell, West London and Uxbridge. 

ARC Uxbridge

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ARC West London

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Our cluster model

The instinct to work together is a human one. In business, this has led to the formation of clusters — geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field.

Work by Harvard Professor Michael Porter and other experts show the evidence for the cluster effect is clear. From the Champagne region to Silicon Valley, clustering springs from the fundamental understanding that alone we can only go so far: together we go further.

Three critical advantages characterise the cluster effect:

In stimulating environments surrounded by peers, people perform better, pushed to innovate and excel. A supportive ecosystem of compatible neighbours means companies can attract brighter talent with obvious career potential.

Clusters are like circuit boards. The more connections between nodes, the faster energy and information can travel. Breakthroughs happen quicker where knowledge is shared faster. 

Opportunities for new ideas are more visible at the intersections of industries within clusters. They stimulate the formation of new start-ups that meet new market needs. 

It’s a model pioneered by Harwell Science and Innovation Campus where a unique environment has arisen. Where perspectives, notions and methods can be exchanged across traditional divides — whether health, energy, space or quantum computing — and open access national facilities are shared by all.

It’s why Harwell has more space organisations within walking distance of one another than anywhere else.

All ideas start small

Give yours the right space to grow

By 2025, Each ARC will have innovative accelerator space – Motherlabs.

Motherlabs are accelerator and incubator labs from ARC. Whether you’re starting up or have another new idea the world needs, find the right flexible science-ready lab space for your business. 

Raising innovation

Clusters are fertile places for new ideas. New commercial opportunities present themselves where innovation is at its most active and people at their best. It’s why they’re the most likely places for start-ups to rise up. And it’s why we made Motherlabs — accessible homes for ARC’s pioneers designed to let new ideas grow and scale. 

Whether you need cleanrooms or fully equipped lab space, Motherlabs makes it easy to become part of ARC’s nationwide innovation community.  

Give your business confidence to scale supported by a partner landlord who works with you every step of the way, from overcoming business hurdles to attracting talent, and even delivering your message to the world.