Festive Drinks Reception

ARC Uxbridge
12th Dec 2023 18:00PM – 20:00PM

Join us on the 12th December to celebrate a great year.

We’re bringing together our community for an evening of delightful drinks, nibbles and good company while enjoying exclusive screening from the Royal Institution.

In the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURES, Mike Wooldridge will tackle the most important and rapidly evolving field of science today – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mike will explore the big questions facing AI research and unravel the myths about how this ground-breaking technology really works. How can a machine be taught to play a game or translate from one language to another? He will show how computer programmes inspired by the human brain can be taught and even teach themselves. And he will tell the surprising story of how tools like the latest chatbots work and illustrate the mind-boggling scale of modern AI systems – that can be used in everything from gaming to movie-making to designing drugs.

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