Discover Your Leadership Potential

ARC Uxbridge
16th Oct 2023 12:30PM – 15:00PM

Join the My Leader Self Workshop.

We are excited to extend a special invitation to the transformative My Leader Self workshop, brought to you in collaboration with Horizon37.

At this empowering session, we will embark on a profound exploration, seeking answers to two essential questions: “What incredible possibilities await you and your business when you fully embrace and embody your unique strengths?” and “How can you leverage your strengths and address any limiting weaknesses to unlock your true leadership potential?”

Key Highlights of this workshop include:

Unleashing Your Unique Leadership Potential: Our workshop is designed to help you unlock the untapped potential within you. Discover the transformative power of bringing your best, authentic self to the forefront of your leadership journey.

Building on Strengths and Addressing Limitations: Gain valuable insights into your innate strengths and talents, enabling you to amplify these assets to drive success in both personal and professional spheres. Additionally, we will explore strategies to identify and address any limiting weaknesses that might be hindering your growth.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Leadership Path: Define your leadership purpose and align it with your values and goals. By establishing a clear sense of purpose, you will ignite passion and inspire those around you to achieve greater heights.

Unveiling Your Impact as a Leader: Recognize the unique value you bring to your team and organization. Discover what makes you indispensable as a leader, allowing you to make a lasting positive impact on those you lead.

Meet Your Expert Facilitator – Katy Tuncer:

Guiding us through this transformative experience is Katy Tuncer, a highly specialised scale-up leadership coach and a seasoned founder with extensive expertise in nurturing resilient leaders. With her guidance, you will gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to elevate your leadership prowess.

Seize this opportunity to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth.

Please note that spaces are limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot early.

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