It’s Oxford – Founder to Founder

Oxford Works
29th Feb 2024 08:30AM – 11:00AM

If you were in a room with Oxfordshire’s top CEO’s – what would you ask them?

Join us for the next ITS Oxford breakfast event, Founder to Founder, where you can gain exclusive insights from Oxfordshire’s Leading CEO’s. This fireside chat will offer something different from the traditional presentation or speech so many of us are used to sitting through.

Join our engaging conversation with speakers whose opinions, ideas, and stories will provide value. Our experts will share their career transforming moments, address the challenges at each level of your business journey and share practical tips, advice and key strategic priorities to help you achieve success in your business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights into the role of a CEO. There will also be a special introduction from Dan Williams, Asset Management Director at ARC Group.

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Our Panel:

• Dr Rajarshi Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer, Perspectum

• Ross Hendron, CEO & Co-Founder at Wild Bioscience

• Danuta Jeziorska CEO & Co-Founder, Nucleome Therapeutics

• Kristen Weatherby Founder of Breakthrough Labs, Venture scout

Event details

– 📅 29th February 2024 🕙 8:30am – 11am 📍 ARC Oxford, Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2SU

This free event is delivered in Partnership with Freeths and Bidwellsand proudly supported by Barclays.

What is ITS OXFORD ?

Oxford is recognized as one of the UK’s most highly successful hotbeds of innovation and entrepreneurism. The combination of its world class university, proven spin out programs and a growing, supportive business ecosystem makes Oxford the place to grow success.

Freeths and Bidwells have joined forces with Barclays, to launch a groundbreaking networking group of experts focussing on Innovation, Technology and Science in Oxford. Aptly named ITS Oxford.

The core objective of ITS Oxford is to support the success of emerging and established businesses in their journey of scaling and growth. ITS Oxford creates an environment of collaboration, learning, and innovation, enabling the connection of like-minded individuals and organisations. Through interactive workshops, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking sessions, participants will gain invaluable and practical insights while also establishing vital relationships with industry experts, investors, mentors, and potential collaborators.

Our aim is to foster a community of new business pioneers by hosting an exceptional event and thought leadership series targeted at innovative life science, technology and manufacturing spin-outs, scaling and fast growth companies primarily located in the innovation centres of Oxfordshire. By bringing together a network of experts, we will offer a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and practical insights crucial to meet the challenges every company faces at each growth stage. The carefully curated sessions will cover a broad range of topics including leadership, company culture, business strategy, relocation strategy, property and facilities management, regulatory considerations, and much more.

By Freeths with Bidwells and Barclays operating in enterprise, ITS Oxford ensures access to top-tier expertise and comprehensive business support. Leveraging the collective knowledge and resources of all organisations, to empower science and technology companies in Oxfordshire, propelling them towards sustainable growth and success. Together, we will shape the future of these exciting ventures and the industries they represent.

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